3 Ways To Use A Ring Light To Enhance Your Social Media Photos

3 Ways To Use A Ring Light To Enhance Your Social Media Photos

Social media has been on the rise and if you aren't aware of this you're probably living under a rock. First it was Facebook and Snapchat, now it's TikTok, and most importantly, Instagram. Having the right photos for your social media accounts is very important, no matter if social media is your job or just a hobby and a beloved place where you can express yourself. But so many of us are struggling to get the perfect lighting for our content.

Since Instagram & social media are highlight reels you want to put up your best content. Meaning, polished photos (but not too face tuned lol), good lighting, good background, etc. If you do most of your photo shooting at home, you're going to need a ring light since most apartments don't have tons of windows. We've got a few great lighting options available depending on the type you need. Keep reading this article to find out about the perks of ring lights and how to utilize it for the perfect picture.


1. Knowing a Bad vs Good Photo

Take a look at these photos. Even-though they may be different in events happening, the concept remains the same. The photo of the bride on the left is dark & dingy. You can see in this photo the light is on the other side of her & there are no lights where the photographer is standing. If the photographer had a ring light, he/she could light up the bride on both sides, creating a beautiful image & showing off her wedding dress! On the right hand side we have a lady drinking wine. This photo is well lit except the small shadow at the bottom of her arm (photographer probably standing to close). When choosing images for social media, always go for the well lit image. 

ring light for photo shoot


2. Know How Much Lighting To Use

We've all seen those photos that are over exposed & blown out. Maybe we double tap the image anyway cause it's a good friend or family member. However, this is a big beginner mistake. By understanding just how much light to use you can craft a better photo. For example; shooting against a white wall might not need as much light since the light tends to bounce off of white more easily. Or, shooting up against a black wall with the brightness all the way & seeing the ring light in the reflection (if the paint is glossy). Check out these photos below.

ring light in the reflection



The photo on the left is clearly over exposed. This happens all the time when you don't know how to use the right amount of light. Make sure you're taking into account your phone settings, natural light, and your settings on the ring light. Each ring light is dimmable so you can achieve the image on the right with no problem. Also, to make sure you have your lighting evenly dispersed check out our blog on 3 Point Lighting.


3. Use It For Videos & LIVE

The worst thing about watching IG or FB LIVE is the creators terrible lighting & a shaky video if they're holding the phone! Don't let that be you. You want to be well seen & not shaky, when you go LIVE to your audience. This will help you gain trust from your watchers, followers, and subscribers. By making sure your ring light is setup before you can ensure you'll have a place for your phone to sit stably & good lighting on your face. Also, make sure you have a good or simple background. Something that's not distracting or messy looking. 


What are your thoughts on these tips? Leave us a comment below!

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