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360 Photo Booth Remote Spinning Video Booth Includes Flight Case and BONUSES

360 Photo Booth Remote Spinning Video Booth Includes Flight Case and BONUSES

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Special Promotion: Get a FREE 18" Socialite Ring Light Kit ($279 Value) with purchase of any size Socialite 360 Photo Booth (while supplies last)

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  • Are you looking for a new way to bring attention to your business, possibly even going viral?
  • Are you looking for new ways to bring in more sales and profits to your business fast?
  • Are you looking for new ways for your clients to instantly spread the word about your businesses products and services without you having to spend all your time trying to market and promote your business?

The Socialite 360 Photo booth may be the solution you are looking for. 

What Does it Do Exactly?

The Socialite 360 Photo booth creates amazing 360 Degree video around the attendees having a blast at your own events, or your clients events that can be instantly shared and posted on:
  • TikTok
  • Instagram 
  • YouTube 
  • Facebook 
  • Or the Videos can be sent airdrop or via text messages

The instant sharing nature of the 360 Photo Booth is ideal for video to go viral, and has many times on social media platforms

Below is a screenshot of the 360 Photo Booth in action on TikTok that have received Millions of views. This virality can bring in even more attention and bookings for your business. 


viral on tiktok 360 Photo Booth videos

How does it work?

First it arrives to your door in a Heavy Duty wheeled Flight case. Everything is inside this case.

Once you set up the platform (stage) and attach the arm and ring light and smartphone or iPad to arm (see video below)

Then plug it in to any standard wall outlet and activate the spinning arm with the included remote control.

Then allow 1-7 people at at time (depending on the size platform you choose) to take turns standing on the stage while you activate the spinning arm recording  a 360-degree amazing video!

The Socialite 360 Photo Booth can spin in forward or reverse (with included remotes) to capture a variety of shots and angles that creates unforgettable events!

How Many People can stand on it at one time?

27" Diameter / 68cm holds 1-2 Persons  (Easily supports up to 551 lbs. / 250kg)

32" dimeter / 80cm holds 1-3 Persons (Easily supports up to 771 lbs. / 350kg)

39" dimeter / 100cm holds 1-5 Persons (Easily supports up to 992 lbs. / 450kg)

45" Diameter / 115cm holds 1-7 Persons (Easily supports up to 1212 lbs. / 550kg)


How Do You Rent it Out for Parties and Venues?

You can rent Your Socialite 360 Photo Booth out at Parties, Events, Weddings or Venues etc. at either an hourly rate or charge per spin.

The Socialite 360 Photo Booth Business is a highly profitable stream of income with a quick ROI on your investment.

Make your entire money back quickly in just 2 to 3 events

The average rental for 360 Photo Booths varies between $150- $500 per hour depending on the region

(1) three hour rental = $500 x 3 hours = $1500

If you only rent it 3 times in one month: 3 x $1500 = $4500 


Making Money Case Study:   

 One of our photo booth business's most appealing aspects is its relatively low upfront costs. You don't need a pricey storefront or a large staff.

With a popular Socialite 360 Photo booth and targeted advertising, and the ability to handle events on your own, you can launch and operate a successful business with minimal space, even from home.                                                                                    

Here is a case study of David and how a brand new 360 Photo Booth Operator Made $7,008 in just 30 days (and he is just getting started ) ( link)

case study 360 photo booth

Where and Who Would Like to Rent a Socialite 360 Photo Booths? 

Create Unforgettable Once in a Lifetime Events for:

  • Engagement Parties
  • Weddings & Wedding Showers
  • Bar Mitzvahs
  • Gender Reveal Parties
  • Baptisms
  • Proms, Quinceaneras and  Sweet Sixteen Parties
  • Wedding Anniversaries
  • Holiday Parties

Create actual FUN Corporate Events:

  • Grand Openings
  • Red Carpet Award Events
  • Christmas Parties
  • Trade Shows
  • Conferences
  • Team Building events
  • Marketing Events
  • Promotional Events
  • Product Launches
  • Galas And Black-Tie Events
  • Venues with Exhibition Hall


  • The Features and Benefits:
    1. Slow and high-speed quiet rotation
    2. Mounted LED Multicolored light strip for more wow factor
    3. Rolling flight case for Easy setup & transportation
    4. Adjustable legs to make it Extremely stable and safe
    5. Quick set up and Tear Down with no tools, in and out at an event within minutes.
    6. Incudes two Remotes to control the rotation, speed, and flashing lights / brightness
  • Arrives to your door in 3-8 days, Shipped Freight and Requires Signature
  • All the parts and accessories required for assembly and installation are included in the Heavy-Duty rolling flight case. It takes less than five minutes to assemble, no tools required.
  • For the ring light you will need a USB power bank (not Included and Batteries for the Remotes)
  • Made of Heavy Duty, all steel & aluminum construction for years of use

The Socialite 360 photo booth includes

  • Rolling Hard Shell Flight case
  • Standard Base Platform with adjustable stability legs
  • 12-inch USB ring light
  • 1 Adjustable Spinning Arm
  • RGB multicolored LED Strip light around base
  • 2 Phone Holders, DSLR camera, mount  GoPro and iPad Mounts
  • 3 remote controls
  • AC/DC Wall Plug with cable
  • 1 year warranty
  • Included Bonuses if you Buy Today
  • Bonus #1 FREE 2 sets of party props for your Party Animals!
  • Bonus #2 FREE eBook Included  "How to Make 100k per Year with a Socialite 360 Booth Rentals"

  • Bonus #3 FREE Socialite 18" Ring Light Kit ($279 value) with purchase of any size Socialite 360 Photo Booth (while supplies last)  
  • Bonus #4 FREE Shipping to your door, ($215 Value) ( Shipped Freight which takes approximately 3-8 Business Days and requires a Signature during Delivery)
  • (Note: *Does not include batteries, iPhone, iPad, Camera, or GoPro)
  • Love it or Money Back Guarantee!  We will be happy to help if you have any issues or concerns post purchase)
  • What about Financing?  No Problem, We have a Buy Now, Pay Later option with Shop Pay in during checkout that splits your payments easy monthly installments. You can literally have this machine pay for itself

Why should you buy from Us?

  • Socialite created the Original Ring Light Kit on Feb 14, 2016 and have sold over 100,000 Socialites to happy customers. Being Awarded the most innovative ring light has been a great honor ( but has its copycats lol) Our dedication for quality and pleasing customers has always been our mission

Is the Socialite 360 Booth Heavy?

It is not light. It is made from steel and aluminum it is designed to hold maximum weight of your guests and give a lifetime of trouble-free service. However, the heavy duty flight case is equipped with wheels for easily moving from place to place.

Why is it so expensive?

The price of high quality materials and engineering that go into every Socialite product and made for years of use while giving you piece of mind they are made right. If price is an issue, we offer great financing options in our checkout with Shop Pay and Sezzle that make it easy on your wallet. So you can get it now and pay later.

Is this 360 Photo Booth complicated? I'm not mechanical.

No. The Socialite 360 Photo Booth has been designed with simplicity in mind. It comes with easy to read instructions and combined with our assembly videos and customer support is available 7 days per week to assist you with any questions or concerns. If you can operate an iPhone, this will be a breeze.

Is it hard to get new clients to rent a 360 Photo Booth?

No. We include in every Socialite 360 Photo Booth a Free eBook "How to Make 100k per Year with a Socialite 360 Booth Rental" that explains step by step process of getting new leads and customers, so you can be fully booked with rentals.

 What if it breaks?

Every Socialite 360 Photo Booth comes with a 30 days Unconditional money back guarantee, AND a full 1 Year warranty on any parts that may need to be replaced. Also available is a 2 and 3 Year extended warranty option available from CPS at the top of page. Our Customer Support Team is also available 7 days per week to assist you with any unlikely issues you might have.

Are we in a recession? Isn't this a bad economy to make a big purchase like this?

Actually, with all the recent layoffs by corporations lately, the best investment is in Yourself and Your Business.  The reality is people will always be having weddings and parties and will be paying very well to those who businesses who provide great products and unique services like the Socialite 360 Photo Booth.

Is this 360 Photo Booth just a fad? 

Trends do come and go, however currently (and for years to come) there is much more demand than supply for 360 Photo booths for weddings, parties and events.

 What will my friends and family think?

Actually, your friends and family will love to test out your new Socialite 360 Photo Booth the minute you get it! It is a great reason to have a party and shoot video and post on your social media platforms!

Below is the Setup of the 1-2 Person Socialite 360 Photo Booth (smallest version) 


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