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Hi my name is Kent Horton inventor of the Socialite, and in July 2017 I am finding myself in the Emergency Room.

After a series of scans and tests, the doctor tells me: “I’m just trying to keep you alive. We are going to inject blood thinners in you every hour. You have a series of blood clots that formed in your left leg (a DVT) and broke free and moved up into your lungs, called a pulmonary embolism (PE). You are very lucky to be alive, blood clots in the lungs kills most people.”

“We are going to do a radiology procedure called a “clot buster” in your leg, then tomorrow you will be released from Intensive Care, but you will need to take blood thinners for the rest of your life.”

hospital where I was admitted 

(Photo of hospital where I was admitted in Newport Beach, California 2017)

The next day, I’m VERY ready to go home from the hospital. In fact, I was so ready, when the hospital door opened, I jumped out of the wheelchair wanting to run, except I couldn’t walk! My left leg needed to heal from the radiology procedure, so for the next 2 weeks I was mostly in bed with leg elevated or hobbling around place with an injured leg.

swolen leg

(Photo 2 recovering at home with my leg swollen like a balloon 2017) 

Unknown to me, what caused this blood clot to begin with a month earlier, was taking a flight from Los Angles to Hong Kong.  Apparently, flights can trigger blood clots in the leg from altitude and lack of movement for long periods of time.

meeting in Hong Kong with manufacturers

(Photo 3 meeting in Hong Kong with manufacturers just before hospital in 2017) 

I was in Hong Kong to meet with manufacturers. In 2015 I created a product called a “Socialite” which is a play on words meaning “social media lighting” I was the first to mount a phone holder into a ring light and assemble it with a tripod and remote into an all-in-one kit. And when 1st launching in Feb 14, 2016 It was quite popular, selling them daily and I was building and shipping them out of my garage, it kept me quite busy.

Now here I was in 2017 recovering in bed with my leg elevated, jabbing syringes of blood thinners into my belly every few hours.

It was at this moment stuck in my bed I made a decision. I am going to blow this business up and push as hard as I can. So armed with an iPhone and a laptop from my bed, I started to edit videos that I had previously shot on my phone, and hobbled down stairs to shoot some b-roll shots occasionally and edit them into the videos I made.

me in a behind the scenes photo shoot

(Photo 4 me in a behind the scenes photo shoot)

After about a week of editing (and re-editing), and making as many videos as I could, I began to publish them with Facebook ads and on Instagram. They took off like a Rocket! I had millions of views and tons of sales!

My son Joey helping me build Socialite kits in my garage

(Photo 5 My son Joey helping me build Socialite kits in my garage 2017)

As I was starting to recover and able to get back into the garage and build and ship more Socialite kits to customers. My mailman was Shocked when he would pickup shipments from my garage that I would fill his entire truck with packages! This continued to the end of 2017.

my garage in California where it all started

(Photo 6 of my garage in California where it all started) 

Then January 2018 I was able to find a 3PL warehouse to store, pack and ship for me while I focused more on creating new products and shooting more video showing the benefits of the products on social media.

 Kent developing Socialite in Milan Italy 2015

 (Photo 7 me developing the 1st Socialite in Milan Italy 2015)

My name is Kent Horton and that is how Socialite was Born!

After creating and selling over 100,000 Socialites for customers, I still have a Huge soft spot of Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses who overcome all the daily obstacles and challenges of starting and running a business! Our products are designed with You in mind!

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