5 Tips on How to Use a Ring Light in Your Hair Salon

5 Tips on How to Use a Ring Light in Your Hair Salon

If you work or own a hair salon, you know how vital a beautiful picture is. Good pictures reveal your talents, work, and style experiences. Yes, the hairstyle needs to look beautiful in real life, but you need to take a good photos of each client. After all, that is how you market yourself as a hairstylist!

If you can’t easily access natural light in your salon environment, a ring light is going to be the absolute best photography tool. That’s why we’re sharing these fantastic tips for capturing those social media-friendly pictures with the help of a ring light.  

  1. Avoid Overexposure

A ring light will help you evenly reflect light on the hair. Since overexposure is not your friend, you want to avoid this. By using a ring light you can easily control the brightness of the LED light with the dimming knob. Also, you need to adjust the exposure manually on your camera/phone. This will also allow you to play with different levels of shadows and highlights, see what you like, and plan beautiful content for an amazing Instagram feed. 

  1. Adjust According to the Hair Type

You should use the body of the hair as a direction to point at what you want your audience to look at. Here are three tips for positioning and adjusting the light to accentuate a specific texture or haircut: 

For The Curls: You should adjust the light intensity, so the light is strongly reflected. This is going to highlight every curl and individual bend in the hair.

For Long Hair: In order to have the hair fall forward and create expansion and a strong silhouette, you should have your client drop their shoulders down and lean their body over to one side. Also, long, straight hair tends to be naturally shiny, so you should adjust the light intensity down.

For Short Hair & Up Dos: Shoot straight on, with medium light. Using a lower light will ensure that the colors aren't blasted away, and you won't get the light reflection off of the hair. 

  1. Creating Videos

Use your ring light as a tripod & lighting source in order to capture beautiful videos for IG Live, IGTV, Facebook & YouTube. Capturing each hairstyle has a story. Maybe you do a brides hair & her bridesmaids. Record that experience of her hairstyle coming to life, her joy as you transform her for her BIG DAY & of course your craft.

4. Easy To Travel With

Maybe you have to go to a clients house since the salons are closed at the moment. No stress! Take your ring light with you. Each light kit comes with a travel bag & is easy to set up & take down. Setting up takes minutes & you can get a great shot anywhere you go with studio quality lighting!

5. Better Photos, More Business!

The best part about having a ring light is getting more business! The better the lighting, the better the photos. Let's be honest, when you look at hairstyles & business that provide beauty services, do you choose the company with the dark dingy photos? Of course not! That's how businesses LOSE MONEY! So step your game up and grow your business! Take yourself, your showcase or portfolio, & business to the next level with proper lighting & good advertising. You can thank us later ;)

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