3 Secrets To Getting The Most Out Of Your Ring Lights

3 Secrets To Getting The Most Out Of Your Ring Lights


If you're like me, you want to buy nice things & have them last a really long time. I mean, who wants to continually buy the same thing that just keeps breaking? Not I. That's why, just like you I got my ring light from Socialite & that's why I'm going to share these 3 secret tips to getting the most out of your ring lights! 

1. Always Unplug It When Not In Use

Before I knew this I was running through ring lights & I couldn't figure out why they kept breaking! But when I finally bought my ring light from Socialite I asked customer service if they had any tips for me & they did. First, since the power supply is 42 watts leaving it plugged in all day when you're not using it can damage the battery. Also, each ring light has long lasting LED bulbs (50,000 hrs+) but that doesn't mean you should leave it on when you're not in front of it filming. Think of it like a computer, you have to unplug it & let it rest sometimes. This will ensure that you won't get flickering problems or have the LED dim out on you. So save some money & unplug that thing!


2. 1 Bluetooth Remote For Everything

Most of us don't pay attention to the little things that make a big difference to our content, like the small bluetooth remote that comes with each ring light kit! This is GOLD you guys. Really, it can be connected to anything with the bluetooth settings. Such as, your phone, camera, computer, ipad, etc. So take advantage of this add on & take it with you! Don't be afraid to bring it with you in your purse or pocket just incase you need to film on the go! I don't about you but I hate seeing people walk up to their phones at the end of their videos & turn off the camera lol LIKE WHY?! 



Every ring light comes with 2 colored filters. Filters are the coverings that go over the LED panels to give off even lighting. In fact, both the 12" & the 18" ring light come with 2. Enjoy warm lighting with our orange temperature filters. As well as, cool white lighting with the clear or white filters. This is perfect for adding extra lighting to an under exposed (white), dark area in your house or dimming in an over exposed situation with the (orange) filters. Temperature ranges from 3200K to 5600K. So you can image you have some room to work with brightness!


By using these tips you'll start getting more out of your ring light! Use these tips & let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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