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Picture Perfect Photography Cards | 52 Card Digital Deck

Picture Perfect Photography Cards | 52 Card Digital Deck

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The Quickest and Easiest Way to Master Photography With Our "Picture Perfect Reference Cards" 

When trying to get the Perfect Shot, are you tired of fumbling around looking through your camera's user manual, or going through endless YouTube videos that are more advertisement than actual help?

Couldn't there be an easier way that was simple and literally one click on your smartphone that can give you the expert photography tips on command?

We spent years shooting countless photos and videos and developed be best possible solution that instantly gave us exactly what we wanted, whenever we wanted it:

reference card on phone

Picture Perfect Reference Cards - A Pack of 52 Full-Color Digital Reference Cards 

We've written these in plain English, with stunning visual graphics, that you will absolute love that will work for you the following ways: 

  1. With an extensive range of subjects and details spread across 52 distinct players cards.
  2. Our captivating designs and artwork simplify complex topics for effortless ease of use.
  3. You have the option to print them conveniently at home and take them on your travels.
  4. Being a digital version allows you to upload them onto your iPhone or iPad (also Android or Tablet) , ensuring you have them whenever needed.
  5. Covering all Photography knowledge, starting from the basics and structure, progressing to preparation for shooting and also advanced shooting techniques.
  6. They serve both as educational aids and as quick knowledge refreshers while out in the field.
  7. Topics are categorized by playing card suits, so you can find topics quickly and easily! (check below).

Never Forget How To Capture The Perfect Picture Again!

No more having to study and memorize photography books, manuals, or endless online tutorials... only to forget most of it when its time to capture that perfect shot.

With "Picture Perfect Reference Cards"  you will never feel unsure again.

You can print them ahead of time and take them on the go, or even better is to download them on your phone or tablet and have them at your fingertips anytime you wish.

Unlike some sheets, which are more like full size books with teeny-tiny print that no human can read, ours our full color graphics, that are simple to use and understand.

Our experts at Socialite have worked endlessly to take these complex photography topics and make them simple.

So if you are a Beginner just learning, or a Pro that wants a refresher... 

The reference cards will teach you to Master all 52 different Topics of Photography in just a few minutes!

52 card Picture Perfect reference cards

Finally, no more using Google or YouTube while trying to shoot. Always be prepared with your reference cards at your fingertips.

Amazing Graphic Designs for Quick and Easy References 

Our expert designed Reference cards make the most complex topics simple and easy to understand.

And are excellent reminders when shooting on location.

But communicating that can messy...

Most manuals and tip sheets make the same error: Excessive Text (ain't nobody got time for that!)

Most are set up like a textbook with few and crappy images.

That is why we worked for countless hours to create an absolute Masterpiece with Beautiful Graphics and simple to understand text:

details of picture perfect reference cards

Instagram Worthy Photos From Every One Of Your Shoots 

Visualize this: 

Before you travels you load these reference cards onto your iPhone (or Android) 

You arrive at the perfect location as the sun is in the perfect spot without a single worry because your prepared with your gear and you have everything you need right on your phone.

And without even a second thought, you have captured a steam of photos that are so exciting that you can't stop, even until all of your extra batteries are completely d-e-a-d.

Then when you arrive home to recharge, to your amazement the photos you took earlier are absolute perfection! Yes, even the best photos in your entire life!

Here is What is Included in the Gorgeous "Picture Perfect Reference Cards" 

the basics of photography

photography compostion

preparing to shoot

shooting styles

Love it or 100% Money Back Guarantee

30 day Guarantee

At Socialite, We a You will absolutely Love it get 100% Money back guarantee with no questions asked!

We work extra hard are creating the best products for you possible, and it shows in our results, that's why we have over 100,000 happy customers.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is Socialite?

A: Socialite was a invented by Kent-Michael Horton in 2016 where he built the first Socialite Ring Light Kit, an All-In-One kit with a LED 18" Ring Light, Phone Holder, Light Stand, and Bluetooth Remote to help clients take amazing photos for their Social Media on there own without the need of a professional photographer or training. 

Q: Is this a physical or digital product?

A: The Picture Perfect Reference Cards is a digital product designed for ease of use, to be loaded on your phone or tablet to be used on your shooting location or simply while traveling. They also can be printed out if desired.

Q: What format are these Reference Cards in?

A: These reference cards and sent to your email immediately after purchase so you can use them right away. No waiting around.

Q: Is there a download limit?

A: Absolutely not! After your purchase you have lifetime access and keep them as long as you desire.

Q: Will this work for my digital camera?

A: Yes these apply to all DSLR and Digital Cameras. If you are shooting with your phone many of these will still be of excellent use.

Q: I just started photography, are they right for me? 

A: Yes! These are specifically designed for ease of use and no longer needing to memorize trainings or manuals. 

Also they make a great Gift!


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