Vlogging with Youtube: Finding and Spreading your Message

The ability to connect with audiences based on similar interests is not unique to YouTube, but with video being the way of the future it's no surprise that Youtube leads the pack.

Almost 5 billion videos are watched on Youtube every single day, it gets over 30 million visitors per day, and 6 out of 10 people prefer online video platforms to live TV.

But the really crazy thing is that those numbers are about to get bigger!

This is a huge opportunity for you to tap into. But just setting up a YouTube channel, recording some videos and uploading them isn’t enough to get people to subscribe and follow you.

You need some hard-hitting strategies that will draw people in and convince them that you are somebody to watch and follow.

Finding Your Message

  1. Know what your value proposition is - What's the motivation behind what your doing? What's driving you? What value are you bringing to the table?
  2. Understand who your target audience are-  What are you offering to them? 
  3. Create a list of ideas of things that your audience is actively searching for - Why would it matter to others?
  4. Start creating content ( that gives them what they want) and integrate your message into it- Don't focus on the what but on the why!


Spreading Your Message Successfully

When thinking about the type of content you should create ask yourself... "How do I give them what they want in order to give them what they need."

In every video give them the "what", but always point back to the "why".

You need to hook you viewer in the first 15 seconds in a way that emphasizes what they are expecting to see. 

Check out your audiences watch time on your YouTube videos. The longer people watch your videos the more aware YouTube becomes that you are producing quality videos that people are engaged in and bumps them up. 

Remember to spend some time picking a engaging title and thumbnail.

Deliver on your Promise and give the viewer's exactly what they expect to see. 

Last but definitely not least, QUALITY CONTENT will always be King! - If your going to create high quality content for your YouTube you will ideally want the same equipment that is used with professional video productions.

You should always use some kind of light source because it will improve the quality of the image.

If lighting isn’t done properly, videos can go from top quality to a cheap looking real quick. Even some basic lighting in a production will make a huge difference.

This is where Socialite is here to help!!

Our Socialite Lighting kits deliver the professional lighting you need to create the quality content with a message that people are craving.

Plus Socialite offers it all in an easy to use all-inclusive kit, so you don't have to worry about scouring Amazon trying to find the right adaptor for your light stand or piecing it all together when everything you need arrives separately.



 So don't hesitate on the huge opportunities that a platform like Youtube could open up to you or your small business! 

Socialite has got your lighting and video equipment requirements covered, but the rest is up to you... Get out there and make your dreams work for you!

Many Thanks, 

~The Socialite Team