Is A Ring Light The Best Lighting for Make Up Artists?

Is A Ring Light The Best Lighting for Make Up Artists?

We know how important it is to use very good lighting, or at least a good amount of lighting when you're doing your makeup. Good lighting is the best guide to getting your foundation to match your neck! Yes girl, with bad lighting you could finish up & be a whole different shade. So, lighting plays a huge role in all of our lives. Makeup artist or makeup wearer.

1. Are ring lights worth it? 

While ring lights are great for photos, they also make good lighting for videos. If you've ever wondered why a particular subject looks noticeably better under constant lighting, they're probably using a ring light. They're arguably the best lighting for YouTube videos, especially for vloggers and product reviewers.

2. Does a ring light make a difference?

Ring lights are ideal for both applying your makeup and taking photos of the finished product. If you're a beauty blogger to vlogger, a ring light is worth its weight in gold. Because they evenly spread light, ring lights get rid of sneaky shadows and highlight your features perfectly.

Using a large ring light to apply is very easy & well balanced. Since our large ring light has a big surface, the light disperses evenly over your clients face. Like I mentioned earlier, thats so important so you don't make anyone look like an umpa lumpa.  


3. What size ring light do I need for makeup? 

The ideal size for most makeup artists, tutorial creators, and makeup users, is our 18 inch ring light kit. With a bigger ring & more surface area, the light spreads easily across your face & background. Also, ring lights emphasize detail and hide shadows simply by their inherent circular design. The soft light hides wrinkles and blemishes making it perfect for portraits and even make-up tutorials.


4. Can I Use Ring Lights For My Portfolio

Ring lights are absolutely perfect for applying your makeup and taking those amazing Instagram photos once the makeup has been done. By creating content with your clients you will be able to easily showcase your work & get more clients! If you're a beauty blogger or if you do makeup for a living, a ring light is going to be worth the investment.

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