5 Secret Tips For Scaling Your Business With Pinterest

5 Secret Tips For Scaling Your Business With Pinterest


If you're not on Pinterest consistently with your business or brand, you're literally losing money! Image burning hundreds of dollars a day, or having a huge hole in your wallet! STOP leaving money on the table. Instead, pay attention to these easy tips to increase your brand awareness, your presence, & your sales.


1. Feed The Beast

Pinterest is known for its photos & amazing amount of organic interaction. In fact, billions of people are logging onto Pinterest & Pinning things to their boards daily. So, how do we take advantage of that? By giving the people what they want, CONTENT! Posting everyday 4-5 times a day has never been easier! Now you may be thinking, 4-5 times a day, I don't have time for that I work. We know, and because of this we want to share with you our secret posting tool.

Buffer; It's a free platform that allows you to schedule up to 100 posts on multiple accounts including Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Buffer will automatically post 4-5 times a day for you on Pinterest, and that's not even the best part! The best part is, it allows you to link your photos to your website, blog, youtube channel or wherever you want people to go! 


2. People Use Pinterest To Shop

84% of weekly users use Pinterest to help decide what to buy, thats HUGE! According to Pinterest, 55% of Pinners are specifically looking for products, that's half of the people on the platform. And 83% of weekly users have made a purchase based on content they see from brands on Pinterest. Just by knowing these statistics you can start posting content of your lifestyle, products, services, testimonials, or whatever your brand is & get organic engagement & ad free sales! Also, Pinterest is great for brand ambassadors or affiliates because you can post the products you're affiliated with & include your affiliate links. All you have to do is create content using the products & link the photo! It's that simple!


Socialite Pinterest


3. Create More Video Posts

It's no surprise videos are getting higher engagement. If you're already using YouTube or Instagram, you can easily re-purpose content for Pinterest. However, all platforms are not created equal & you have to tweak things for each platform. For example, if you create a YouTube video & you want to add it to Pinterest, you'll want to use the best clip from the video. Even though Pinterest recommends minimum 4 seconds up to a maximum of 15 minutes, we found a sweet spot around 1-2 minutes per video. 


4. Demographics

Knowing your demographics is KEY to success on Pinterest, and they give you the analytics to measure your performance! With that being said, the highest consumer base on Pinterest is women. I mean, yes girl we love to shop! But, more than two-thirds of Pinterest’s base is women. In the United States, 8 in every 10 moms is on the platform (which is HUGE). And when it comes to buying household products and services, women are the primary decision makers. So, if your audience is primarily women, you're missing out BIG TIME!


Pinterest demographics

5. Boost Brand Exposure

People love to discover new products. In fact, 75% of Pinterest users say they’re “very interested” in new products, compared with 55% on other digital channels. And it works. Also, 77% of weekly users regularly discover new brands and products on Pinterest that they fall in love with! This could be you, your brand, or a product you love & represent! Don't miss out on this huge opportunity. Start pinning today!


Are you on Pinterest? If so, share 1 thing you love about the platform below!

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