11 Easy Steps For Making Money With Your Social Media

11 Easy Steps For Making Money With Your Social Media


Wouldn’t you love to make money off of your social media selling products you love, without having to store any inventory? Who wouldn’t! I mean hello, welcome to the world of Affiliate Marketing AKA being a Brand Ambassador. If this is something that gets you excited & you’re ready to monetize your social media audience, check out these 11 easy steps to making money with your social media. 

  1. IT’S FREE

Like the best things in life, signing up is completely FREE, there is no fee to becoming an affiliate! This allows you to start making money almost instantly with your affiliate link or code.



Before you can start, you need to sign up! Depending on the affiliate program, some may be more difficult than others. For example, our affiliate program is easy to get into & has great perks! In fact, you can track clicks, leads, and conversions in one place. This is an important part of any affiliate program since you’ll be making money, you’ll want to track it like a business makes sales.

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In order to make sales you need to share your link or affiliate code with others. So, adding your code or link to your social media profiles is super important! Also, send your link & code to friends or family. This way they can get a discount & you can make some coins!



 After you’ve shared your link with friends, family & on social, you’ll want to keep pushing your link to create a steady stream of income. In order to do that you’ll want to post stories using the products and teach other people about the products you love. This is an authentic way to make recommendations to your viewers & provide them with value or feedback on the products they may be interested in buying. Just like these 2 beauty icons do! You can just do it for yourself!

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Writing a blog about your favorite products is never hard. So, express this passion through words & add your link within the blog so that when people click to buy, you can earn. It’s really that easy!



Pinterest is huge & if you have Pinterest monetize it! By attaching your link to the pins you share, people will click on them & go to the product you’re recommending. If they purchase, you make a commission!


7. How To Make Money Using Instagram Stories

Instagram stories have grown enormously over the last year! In fact, more Instagram stories are watched everyday than Snapchat stories & Snapchat invented stories! So, knowing this can give you a huge upper hand when it comes to making sales. As we've seen our other influencers share the products they love with their audiences, we've learned a few tricks. 

* PRO TIP: In order to create a SWIPE UP STORY you have to have 10k or more followers on Instagram. However, if you DON'T, no stress! Share a story anyway & direct your viewers to the link in your bio.

First, make it authentic. Be Yourself in your stories when sharing / educating your audience about the products you love & use. In fact, people love watching behind the scenes & educational videos. So, show them how you use each product in your everyday life & how it helps you. Don't forget to add a SWIPE UP LINK to each story if you can, & link it directly to the product in your video. Also, don't be afraid to be silly & have fun with it!

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8. How To Make Money On YouTube

YouTube has so much potential & if you have an audience monetize it! Two topics we see that do great on YouTube are; Unboxing videos & Behind The Scene Videos!

Unboxing Video; Talk about what the product is, why you bought the product, how you think it will help you, the parts that come with it, and then show yourself setting it up!

Behind The Scenes; Take your viewers behind the scenes of what you use to shoot your YouTube Videos & talk about each item. What you like about things, how they help make your videos better & brighter. 

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* PRO TIP: You're going to need someone to help you film this or if you have another tripod setup you can use that as well (: 

9. Plenty of Options 

Not only will you have plenty of opportunities to promote your affiliate link with all these tips, but you'll also have plenty of product options to choose from for your audience! We launch new products once a month. So, rest assured that you can continue to make brand new content & continue to make money off generated sales!


10. Still Thinking About It?

If you've gotten this far we know you're looking to make money off your social media so why not just do it? In fact, it's silly not to! Did we mention you make 10% off every sale?! You can make thousands of dollars a month by sharing a link!! In fact, one of our best customers....Chanel (uhum) purchase $12,984 worth of merchandise, that's a $1,298.40 sweet commission!! FREE money from sharing a link! If you can do that every week you can make some serious coin! Don't sleep on this, sign up today!


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Kick off the New Year with a new stream of income & start earning today! Sign up for our affiliate program & earn as much as 10% commission from each sale & your followers will get 5% off when they purchase as well! So, it's a WIN WIN! Why not make money on the products you use every day?



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