The 3 Most Important Lights For Lashticians

The 3 Most Important Lights For Lashticians


Love being your own boss & having your own lash business? It's time to step it up this year with more options & better lash techniques! If you’re an eyelash artist, you know how important lighting is for your business. Especially if you're a traveling lashtician. 

Often times traveling requires you to bring all of our gear to the clients home and there is nothing more annoying than lugging large heavy lights around with you. That's why we're here to teach you a few new lighting techniques & also shine a light on some new products that can take your traveling experience to the next level!


Lights For Lashticians

Lighting For The Room

You never know what a clients home may look like, if they have good lighting or not, and that's why it's best to come prepared. To light up the entire room you'll be working in it's important to bring something large with lots of lumens. We recommend something like our Skinny LED Lighting Kit. This kit is easy to travel with and easy to set up. Light up both sides of your clients face evenly with these twin skinny lights. If you're recoding the process for your social media, you'll get a nicely lit video with less shadows. Also enjoy bringing the lights down closer to your clients face to get every lash!

LED Studio Lighting


Up Close Lighting For Perfect Lashes

Putting on a ton of tiny little lashes can be a tedious task & you're going to want some extra lighting closer to your clients face. For this we recommend a small Bendable Extension Arm For Your Ring Light that can be easily attached to your ring light to bend the light down towards you & your client. Your ring light has a dimmer setting & also come with a warm color filter as well as a bright LED option. This is a great option for those clients with sensitive eyes. Another great feature our Ring Light Kit has is that it comes with a phone holder as well, so you can record the process if given approval!


Lighting For Perfect Lashes


Hand Held Portfolio Lighting

It's becoming more & more important in our Social Media world to have testimonials & proof of concept for our businesses. That's why we recommend this last product, our Mini LED Ring Light. With this small light you can take well lite images of each client before & after for your social media, website, & portfolio. I can't stress how important GOOD QUALITY IMAGES are to everyone. So invest in yourself & your business. This light is perfect, it fits in purses, bags, and even pockets! It's lightweight & just pops right onto any smartphone!


led ring light

Which lighting option is most important to you?

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