5 Easy Steps To Monetizing Your Blog By Becoming An Affiliate

5 Easy Steps To Monetizing Your Blog By Becoming An Affiliate


It's no secrets thousands of influencers are making money off their social media accounts & blogs by being an affiliate for companies. This allows them to make commissions from each sale just by shouting out brands they love, or don't love! Often times influencers will push products they've never used to their followers because they've done the research & they know it will be a good fit for their audience. So, how can you start to make money off your blog without buying & trying every product out there? Because, let's face it; that can get pretty expensive.

1. Do The Research

When it comes to referring products to your fans of course you want them to be quality. With that being said, if you're not going to be trying the product first, make sure you do the research. You can do the research by reading product or service reviews, talking to people that have tried it, watching YouTube videos about it, and of course reaching out to the company for more product details. Once you've done the research it's time to sign up for their affiliate program.



2. Become An Affiliate

Becoming an affiliate is easy, and most companies nowadays have affiliate or ambassador programs. Often times you can sign up to become an affiliate through a tab on a website, usually found in the footer section. Once you put your information in, the program with create an account for you with the affiliate program details; such as your links, coupon codes, and commissions. Now that you're signed up start adding links to your websites within blog articles.


3. Setting Up Your Blogs

Each blog you create will have 1 subject, like this one. Within that subject you should teach the readers about the product or service that you're interested in being an affiliate for. The more valuable education you give your readers the more likely they will see you as an expert & purchase based on your recommendation. Also, make sure to add in a good deal of humor, and be personable, as if you were talking to a good friend. Often times, the audience resonates with that more.


4. Use Visuals

You can't go wrong with a good video or tons of pictures! People love to SEE how a product looks, and see how it will improve their lives. So don't be scared to use some images from the company you're an affiliate for, or even videos. If you have a super specific trend on your website, create custom content using a free website we love named Canva.com. 


5. Use Links

After the blog is set up & all the words & visuals are looking good, don't forget to add your affiliate links! This is the way you'll be able to make money! So, take your link & link it into words.

An internal link is a link from within the website, like another blog you may want people to read. An external link is a link that takes people away from your website to a product or service AKA your affiliate link. It's sending people to the product or service you want them to purchase.

Also, don't forget to add links to every photo you insert into your blog!! Most people click on photos so you may miss a chance to sell your product by not adding links to the blog photos!


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