Which Ring Light Fits Your Needs & How Can You Use It?

Which Ring Light Fits Your Needs & How Can You Use It?

You may have wondered how some incredible macro photos are so perfectly lit, or you may have noticed the circle light reflection in the eyes in some influencers or portrait photos. These seemingly perfect images are well light but not the way you may think! It doesn't take full studio lighting to get a high quality image anymore. Nope, not if you have a ring light! 


What Is a Ring Light

A ring light is essentially light in the form of a circle. It's most commonly made up of rows of LED lights that form one large ring. The sizes can vary. Small ones can fit around your phone lens. Large ones may need their own weighted stand, and they are usually stationary, but can be packed up in our carry bag & taken anywhere.

You'll most often see ring lights being used in studio settings, but the smaller ones can easily be used outdoors and on location! We also make mini ring lights that attach to your phone! Making your selfies look like professional pictures!


Why Use a Ring Light

The most appealing benefit to using a ring light is that it instantly helps to eliminate harsh shadows, will get you studio quality lighting and still save you money, as well as, on the go connivence. 

If you work as (a makeup artist, a hairstylist, a tattoo artist, a lash extension technician, aesthetician, etc.) then you know how important a high-quality picture is. In fact, even lighting that falls softly on the face is crucial for taking a good picture which you need to advertise your work or service. The circle of the ring light does just that by widening the source of light that hits face from slightly below, directly in front, and slightly above. Getting you a high quality image! 

Ring Light For Makeup


How to Pick the Perfect Ring Light

Your perfect match lies in your needs. So, if you make videos for YouTube from your bedroom or your office, the big, stationery ring light is going to be the most useful for you. You can just put in it in one place, and turn it on whenever you need to film something.

On the other hand, if you are a vlogger (a YouTuber that films on the move) or you are a photographer, a smaller, lightweight, portable ring light is going to be easy to take with you. Maybe our mini selfie ring light & bendable tripod would be the best fit for you. If you want your selfies to look unreal, than you'll definitely want to get the mini since it attaches to your phone!

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