Tips to Create the Perfect Flat Lay for Social Media, Blogs, & Websites

Tips to Create the Perfect Flat Lay for Social Media, Blogs, & Websites

Working on starting that new business for the New Year? The hardest part of starting a new business is building up content for your Instagram & Website. We know that, that's why we want to give you these simple steps to create beautiful, eye catching images.

1. Choose A Theme & Hunt For Props

Starting off you'll want to choose a theme. It's important to have a theme so that the props don't look out of place. It can be anything from Tropical Island, to Birthday. Once you pick your theme, start thinking about props that will actually relate. By adding props you can spice up your photos and make your product stand out. Not to mention, this is one of the funnest things to do when shooting flat lays. 

When shopping for props, looks for:

  • Same Size
  • Same Height 
  • Same Hue 

Collecting like items will help you create a harmonious photo.

To find props, hunt around your house or hit up a craft/party store. Also, visit an antique shop, candy stores, record stores, book stores, nature, pick flowers, grocery store, dollar store, basically anywhere! Pull your collection of props together before you shoot. This helps you make sure you've got a happy mix of items, ready for arranging.

2. Organize The Shot

Flat lay photography is all about organizing. Organizing colors, shapes, objects, textures, and items. When you understand this, you're already leaps & bounds ahead of the curve.

3. Getting Started

Start with a white backdrop, because a white backdrop matching everything. This makes it really easy to focus on the composition and layout. Start setting your props on the backdrop, while looking for ways to organize them so that they fit together nicely.

Side note; if you are creating a flat lay that you want to crop into a square for Instagram or social media, then you want to make sure that you actually compose your picture into a square.

square white backdrop

4. Work In Diagonals 

Try to work in diagonals. For example, if you've put a color at the top corner then also put the same color just opposite in the other corner. Most of this is just feeling, you've got to feel it out. 

5. Be Playful

On top of all of the right angles, make sure you add some organic shapes as well. You can use leaves, flowers, confetti, etc. This helps liven up your picture! Don't hesitate to add a little playfulness to your pictures. 

Perfect Flat Lay for Social Media

6. Check the Frame

Once you get your props setup, get your camera & look at your flat lay through your lens. It's not uncommon to think you've arranged this beautiful shot only to step back, look at it through your lens and find things that you don't like. This actually part of the process, so don't panic. Arrange, then look at it through your camera. 

Reminder: this is art, you are creating something new. There is no correct way to do it, so there can be no mistakes. Let go of your inner perfectionist & just have fun. Organize, arrange & rearrange, you are going to learn as you snap!

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