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The Best Way To Hang Seamless Paper for Photo & Video In An Apartment?


Today we're going to teach you how to set up your seamless paper photo backdrops. Backdrops are great for a number of things, like filming YouTube videos, social media pics, TikTok videos, and product photography! But how do you set one up in your apartment, where you might not have the most space? Read on to find out..

1. The Easiest Way

This would be to install an electronic roller system into the ceiling where you can control and store your backdrops. Although it's nice, it can be a huge pain and most often it can be pricey & unrealistic for renters.

China Seamless Paper Photo Studio Backgrounds Backdrops - China Digital  Photo Studio Backdrop and Seamless Paper Digital Photo Studio Backdrop price

2. Background Stands with Crossbars

These sort of look like light stands, but they take up a ton of space in the studio due to the large tripod feet they have. Also, they can be a huge trip hazard. There's nothing worse than tripping over your gear while you're in the middle of filming your content.

My Studio Setup — James Jin

So, we think we found a cleaner & easier way to hangup these backdrops. Here's what it is;

3. The Cleaner System

In order to build this system we need a few things. First, we need an impact wall mounting kit, 4 super clamps, 2 Varipoles, a 10 foot aluminum tube, a wrench or screw driver, 8 machine bolts, a bubble level, ladder, and non-slip select grip.

How to Easily Install Seamless Paper in Your Home Photo Studio | Fstoppers

Now, the brackets are meant to be mounted either on the ceiling on in the wall. Because, we're going to be mounting these to Varipoles we need to install them vertically. In order to do that we need to install 2 super clamps directly onto the brackets. 

The varipole is a simplified version of a light stand. It uses pressure to squeeze itself between the floor & ceiling. Use your rollers as a guide to see how far off the wall you need to place your setup.

Once you know where you want it, lift up the lever on the varipole & raise the poll to the ceiling. Once. you've done that, use your level to make sure it's nice and straight. After you check & it's all good, pull the lever down to lock the pole into place.

How to Easily Install Seamless Paper in Your Home Photo Studio | Fstoppers

Now before you hang up your seamless, we recommend running a metal pipe through the cardboard to keep it from sagging & creating wrinkles in your backdrop.

Final step is adding the chain to the gears so we can roll the paper up & down. Install the counter weight first to make sure your seamless doesn't fall too quickly, and clip the chain together & you're done!

How to Easily Install Seamless Paper in Your Home Photo Studio | Fstoppers

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