How To Use A Mini Selfie Light To Light Up Your Video Calls

How To Use A Mini Selfie Light To Light Up Your Video Calls


Not everyone has a few hundred dollars laying around for a full on lighting setup to sit at home and make zoom calls, let's be real. So, I'm going to show you how you can still save some coins & get good lighting with our Mini Selfie Ring Light!

Why Lighting Is So Important

Good lighting is important so your viewers can see your face clearly & you don't look grainy or dark against a dark background. This is especially important for those of us that still have day jobs that require lots of zoom / conference calls. During the day the sun is out & it doesn't shine evenly throughout all the rooms in your house, so you should expect dark shadows & bad lighting. To combat this, we're going to show you how you can use our smallest, handheld ring light to light up your face while on important meetings & calls.

Using The Mini On Your Computer

Since the mini ring light acts as a clamp you can do a few things when it comes to mounting it on your laptop. First, you can place the ring light evenly around your camera lens on the front of your computer. This may look different for everyone, depending on which computer you have of course. 

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However, if your camera placement is too high & that won't work. You can try clipping it a little to the right or left of the camera. Either way, you will still enjoy the even light across your face during your video chats.

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 Using The Mini On Your iPad

It's no secret, some iPads have more capabilities than laptops these days & you may love your iPad. Especially when it comes to FaceTime & Zoom calls, the device is almost made for it! When it comes to clipping the mini to your iPad front camera, just simply clamp it over the camera, or off to the side if the camera is up to high & gets covered. The back camera is perfect for the mini because it sits lower on the back of the iPad & can be reached with no hassle.



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How To Use The Mini On Your Phone

We love the fact that you can access Zoom on any device, especially our cellphones. It makes it that much easier when you don't have access to your laptop or wifi! Also, turns out that our Mini Ring Light is made especially for cellphones! So, wether you have an Android, iPhone, Google phone, etc we've got you covered! All you have to do is simply clamp it to the top of your phone!


mini ring light for phone


How To Use the Mini On Your Desktop

 Since most of us are at home, we have the opportunity to use our desktops more! Which is great, since the screen is larger & images tend to be a lot more clear. In a well lit room you may be able to get away with 1 mini. However, depending on the size of your desktop screen & if you have any windows in that office, you may need to use 2 minis, 1 on each side. Either way, they will be able to light up your face & room for a clear, and well lit video meeting!

mini ring light for desktop


What are you currently using to light up your video chats?? Leave us a comment below!




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I am trying to figure out how to use the selfie light with my glasses. I cant seem to get rid of the glare. Any advice


Using an old lamp with a bendable neck:)


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