Beginners Guide To Getting Started With Affiliate Marketing | Affiliate Marketing 101

Beginners Guide To Getting Started With Affiliate Marketing | Affiliate Marketing 101

Affiliate marketing is kind of like the wind, we know it exists, we understand to an extent what it does, but we don't really know how to harness it or use it at its full potential. So follow along in this blog as I break down exactly what affiliate marketing is and how you can use it to make money from home. 

#1 What is Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a way for you to get a commission for selling someone else's products, service, program, software, course, etc. Nowadays, you can sign up to be an affiliate on almost every website! However, some businesses are a little more picky about who they let into their affiliate program. Often times you'll be able to find their affiliate program in the footer or bottom of their website, and if you can't just search for the name of the website + affiliate program on google.

 #2 How To Make Money With An Affiliate Program

Now that you've chosen the business you want to be an affiliate for, they will provide you either a profile in their website or a link via email once you fill out the necessary information & apply. That profile & link will take you to your affiliate codes or coupon codes.


Coupon Code: Jane079 for 15% off your purchase

Link: (click the link for 10% off your purchase)

So, often times it'll look like this. Now once you get your coupon code or link, you're going to want to know just how much commission do you make off each person.

#3 Commission Value

Each business will be different in the amount of commission they give you off each purchase made using your affiliate link or code. For example; here at Socialite our affiliates make 10% commission on any sales they generate using their affiliate links or codes. Pretty sweet right!? 

Pro Tip: Selling higher priced products will get you a larger commission always.


Getting Your Links Out There

#1 Blogging or Linking Content

If you're currently using a blog or youtube channel to speak with your audience then you should be adding your affiliate links into the text or in the description below the videos. When it comes to bragging on the companies, and products you love there is nothing wrong with making commission off of your recommendations!

#2 Social Media

If you have built a following on any social media platform and you have your followers trust & credibility then recommend them services & programs you love using your affiliate link. This works great by leaving the link in your bio or posting a story about it with a swipe up to the product or service. Also, if you're given a coupon code you can create a post about the product or service & leave the coupon code in the description. 

#3 Larger Products & Programs

We're talking about large programs that are worth thousands of dollars, that have hundreds of reviews & testimonials. Often times, these programs will have opportunities for affiliate members & by becoming one you'll be able to make a larger affiliate commission. However, this usually works best if you've taken the course, or have done the program yourself. When this happens it's more of a recommendation to others & not so much a pushy sale to make commission. 

Since this is a beginners guide to affiliate marketing I feel like it's important to say that the real magic happens when you have an audience of people that trust and care about what you say. That can take some time to create & that's why often times affiliate marketing is so powerful because as you grow, your audience grows with you & supports you. So don't be scared, get started today & build up your audience!


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