It's really easy to glamorize the work from home lifestyle and think, oh my gosh, i'll just be so much more productive if i can do my laundry while I do my work. It just doesn't work that well if you operate that way. So, we've gathered a few tips that are going to take your "Working From Home" experience to the next level.


#1 Create A Routine

It's really important to act like you're going into a job even if you're working from home. A big part of working from home is also honoring the fact that you have a lot more flexibility, in the sense that if you're a morning person, wake up early & use that time to your advantage. If you're a night owl, stay up later and adjust your work hours accordingly. You don't have to use a one size fits all approach to working from home. You can have flexibility in your hours but you do have to have structure & some kind of routine.

#2 Have A Workspace

It doesn't have to be an entire room, you can have just a table or a desk in your apartment. However, make sure that when you are getting work done your at this desk. That's going to teach your brain that every time you sit down on that chair at that table it's time for work. In addition, do not mix personal & professional responsibilities throughout the day. 

Example; doing the dishes during work hours will take you 3-4x the amount of time to get anything done. As opposed to just tackling one task until its finished at a time. 

Also, I highly recommend you hide your phone. I know that sounds weird, but in a normal office job, you're not on your phone all day, and you should keep that same structure while working at home for yourself. 

PRO TIP: Have a setup that supports your back! Often times when your working from home you're working from different spaces and you're not setting up chair or your desk in a way that supports your body. It can lead to an uncomfortable work space you always wanna get up from & longterm health issues.

#3 Get Dressed & Take A Shower

There's nothing wrong with wearing workout clothes if that's what you're most comfortable in, but don't spend your whole day in your pajamas and working in bed. Getting dressed as if you're going to a job is very important when it comes to making things feel more legit. Also, showering makes you feel refreshed like you're getting ready for the day. It's really important to do these things, they're little but they make a big difference when it comes to your mental space.

#4 Have a Priority Board

Keep these simple & have them set out for the year, quarter, month, week, and the day, and daily priorities shouldn't change very much. This is an important step if not the most important, always have these very simple, and very focused on the things that are actually going to push the needle in your business or job. 

ONLY USING 3-4 max daily priorities is really important.


#5 Have A Detailed To-Do List

Now I know this might sounds strange because it can feel overwhelming to have so many to-dos & i just told you to keep it simple, but this includes personal & professional. Use a really detailed description of the activities you want to get done with time stamps. Make sure your using realistic time periods for each activity so your not feeling rush, overwhelmed, or behind. Make sure to schedule in some breathers, like a walk, or a 20 minute meditation between the hardest tasks.

#6 Take A Breather

During a long work day we often lose track of time, and stay completely sucked into our job or business. This is so unhealthy! After all, we all need a break sometimes. I like to get up and stretch a little from sitting all morning, maybe take a walk with my dog, meditate 15-20 mins, go grab a snack, looking at funny memes, anything that gets you away from the desk for a few minutes. Often times, when we don't give our brains space to think, we're just going, going, going, we lose all creativity. So make sure you take a few 20 minute refreshers.

#7 Set The Mood

You can use things like candles, essential oils, music, plants, whatever makes you feel relaxed in your environment so you can get into your zone. Use this "mood" as a way of triggering your brain to get you into a focused state so you can perform at your best. 

#8 Eating

Most people don't see this one as a problem, but not having a meal in mind or prepped and ready can be a huge distraction & time sucker out of your work day. Having to take the time to think about what you're going to eat can take hours, distracting you from the tasks at hand. Not only that, preparing something also takes hours of time. So now you've lost 3 hours of your day to food. STOP THIS! Cut this completely out of your life with meal prepping as well as meal plan deliveries. It's worth the money & time, trust me!

#9 End Of The Day Routine

As an entrepreneur or someone working from home, it's really easy to just keep working all the time because it's so available to you. This is why having a completely separate space is so important & you just don't go to that table, desk, office, past a certain time. This is so important so you can make time for your family, kids, lovers, friends, just life in general.


  • Check off every item on your to-do list
  • Write a new to-do list for tomorrow 
  • Make sure your chats are completed for the day
  • Close your computer
  • Leave the office (close the door if possible)


What are a few things you do while working from home that help you stay on your A Game? Comment Below!


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