It doesn't matter WHEN you wake up, it matters HOW you wake up. The first 20 minutes of your day determines how successful the rest of your day will be. Are you setting yourself up for success?

1. Prep The Night Before

First step to doing this is making sure you get some good sleep. Take your sleeping serious & make sure you get enough of it. 8 hours or more is very necessary for optimal productivity throughout the day. If you can't get a full 8 go for 6 - 7. Also, get an eye mask, and ear plugs if you live in a noisy house like most of us. Oh and don't forget to put your phone far away from your bedside so you're not tempted to scroll while you're in bed. Another thing I like to do is make a small to-do list of the TOP 5 things I need to do the next day, for work/business & personal. This helps me wake up with intention.

2. Smile When You Wake Up

This tells your brain & body that you are happy, sending good endorphins throughout your body, AKA putting you in a good mood right away! Being a positive state out the gate will keep you positive and motivated for the rest of the day so don't skip this one!

3. Gratitude Check

Beside my bed I keep a journal, and in that journey are my affirmations & things i'm grateful for. I write them down first thing in the morning after I brush my teeth & rinse my face, but before I even touch my phone. This is a very important step for getting you on the right track daily. Not only should you start doing this, but make it a habit to do daily. It really brings life into perspective. We have so much to be grateful for, even in times like these when things are hectic. Also, that's why I do this before I check my phone because you never know what you'll see in your phone you want to make sure you're already feeling grateful & positive. This one is a game changer!

4. Mindful Motivation

Thinking about the big goals you have can really get you excited and wanting to jump out of bed. So make sure you're thinking of motivating reasons why you want to get out of bed & keep pushing everyday. 

5. Think About Your Wins

Thinking about your wins is a positive reinforcer that can give you adrenaline & get you excited for what the day brings. This also shows you that you are a winner, and winners Get up, Get out of bed, and Go after their Goals!

6. Alarm Clock Trick 

Keeping your alarm in another room or even use an alarm clock like Alarmy that makes you play games or walk, or do math problems can really force you to literally get out of your bed. Once your body gets up and walks around, it's harder to fall back asleep, so try this trick if you find yourself struggling to get out of bed. Also, open your curtains right away & start making your bed right after you turn that alarm off. 

7. Movements, Stretches, Workouts

This is a great way to start your day. Moving your body will create adrenaline, improve breathing, and your body fully wakes up. Some of us are runners, yogis, and gym rats so which ever suits you do a little of that in the morning. Now, you don't have to do a full workout or run 5 miles if you don't have the time, but movement in general in the beginning of your day will improve your overall functioning throughout the day.

8. Shower

Often times we shower before bed. There's nothing better than getting into bed feeling clean & refreshed. However, you should also shower again in the morning! This wakes up your body, leaves you feeling fresh, & cleanses away yesterday, making it really feel like it's a new day. Take your time in the morning, pamper yourself, even if that means waking up earlier so you don't have to rush through everything.


What's your morning routine like? Leave a comment below!


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I Wake up with a good stretch and say a mantra that I made for me And then I just sit still and meditate for about a half hour half hour of stretching get my body going.I take shower then eat breakfast and get my day POPPING


I broke my poor tripod! I’ll be calling tomorrow tho

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