5 Tips for Growing Your YouTube Channel That ACTUALLY WORK

5 Tips for Growing Your YouTube Channel That ACTUALLY WORK


The #1 thing about YouTube that can make it hard to grow is the Algorithm. If you're not sure what an algorithm is it's; a process or set of rules to be followed in calculations or other problem-solving operations, especially by a computer. So what that really means is, every few months YouTube switches up the way they rank videos, how videos are found, etc. That's why we're going to share 5 useful tactics you can use to grow your channel in 2021!

1. Pay attention to Topic

Now this may sound like common sense, but sometimes common sense isn't common practice. So, think about the factors that are going to influence video rankings. Such as, Titles, Thumbnails, Description, Hashtags, Video Tags, etc. Those are all important, but the topic of the video itself is what gets people interested in your content. 

2. What's Trending

Since topic is the #1 most important factor of your video, make sure you pay attention to whats trending! For example; maybe you don't have the best thumbnail or even the best title. But, if you use the right topic that's trending, it could be a game changer for you! Also, never forget about what your subscribers want to see. Look through your comments for video suggestions or requests & make content for your viewers!

3. Cover Topics Your Subscribers Want

Nowadays it seems like if you don't get those initial views in the beginning a video will just die off. Meaning the views stay low & YouTube doesn't recommend it very often. So make sure you're covering the right videos for your current subscribers & your future subscribers.

4. Cover Topics That Will Attract New Subscribers

You want to make content that will keep your subscribers happy, but you also want to make videos that will attract new subscribers to your channel. Big YouTubers make videos for new & old audiences very frequently using this strategy. 

- What on are channel do we need more of (for current subscribers)

- What are the videos that will help us grow (new subscribers) *use trends*

  • Subscriber building episodes - (usually trending topics, topics with tons of views).


  • Monetization episodes - (this is a video that will make more money with ads due to high views, shares, and affiliate links). Use searchable key phrases, keywords, longer description, high marketing, etc. 


  • Community engagement episodes - meaning you know it's not going viral, but it's a topic your subscribers specifically come to you for. This is for your OG subscribers that love your original content.

5. Experiment & Test New Ideas

Always be on the lookout for the next big thing. Just because you started a channel doing one thing doesn't mean you can't pivot and try new ideas! Because the YouTube algorithm is always changing, we need to be continuously learning and leveling up!


What have you noticed lately when it comes to the YouTube Algorithm & your video success on YouTube? Leave A Comment Below!


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