5 Things You Need For A Productive Home Office

5 Things You Need For A Productive Home Office

It's not an exaggeration to say that most meetings are a waste of time & can be often handled in a simple email. That's why webcam calls are also very effective, they give you the same feeling of a face to face meeting but you don't have to drive anywhere! By organizing your thoughts & goals before the calls you can often times get so much more done with less chatter & time wasted. So, what do you need at home to make your home office a highly productivity space? 

1. An Organized Space

First, you must make sure that your desk has a large area for you to work, or you need to dedicate more space elsewhere. According to a study published in Forbes, 57% of people believe that one's work is reflected by the tidiness of their office. This means that if your office is a mess, your work is likely to be messy. 

Having clutter at your workspace can not only slow you down, but it also causes unnecessary stress and can even make you feel overwhelmed. So, you have to maintain order in your office to think clearly, finish tasks on time, and have a work environment that promotes productivity.

2. Good Lighting

While having natural lighting is best, having enough lighting in your home office is very important. In fact, good lighting can help you to see your work, it also sets the mood or atmosphere in your office. If you don't get enough natural lighting in your office, use floor light or a desk lamps to supplement. Check out some of these options:

Stand up Lights


Stand up Lights




Stand up Lights




Studio Light Kit



Desk Lights


Desk light


3. A Comfortable Chair

When choosing a traditional desk, it is important to have an ergonomic office chair. Since sitting adds stress to the structures of your spine, in order to avoid developing back problems, it's critical to have a chair that supports your body shape and evokes proper posture.

Even though sitting doesn't require as much physical effort as standing, it still puts undue stress on your lower back. Combine the effects of a sedentary lifestyle with sitting all day and it can lead to various health problems. A well-designed chair will let you sit in a balanced position.

4. Large Desk 

Wether it's a regular desk or a standing desk you'll need to make sure you have enough space for all of your necessary office tools. This includes printers, computers, files, notebooks, etc. Having a larger desk will ensure things stay organized & things don't look too cluttered.

5. Fast Wifi

We've all been there. You are trying to get work done and your brain is working faster than your computer is. This lag in time can not only slow you down, but it also offers you an opportunity to be distracted by other things. 


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