5 Strategies To Creating Content That Sells

5 Strategies To Creating Content That Sells

It's no secret that in a noisy internet world a lot of social media posts get overlooked. In fact, we've become so immune to the amount of ads & posts we see that if something isn't different or eye catching we scroll right past it. So, how can you create content that stops your viewers in their tracks? We've got 5 strategies that you can use to craft the perfect content that not only converts, but also makes your customers come back for more!

#1 Educate Your Audience

Giving value first is the way to go, and nothings better than teaching others about your product or service. Let's face it, most people these days want more freedom. After all, isn't that why you're reading this blog about creating content that sells? So you can make more sales & be your own bo$$? Right, so when you teach others about the products & services you love (as an affiliate) or you educate them on your products & services (as a business owner) your actually showing them how they can create freedom for themselves by using whatever your selling! Does that make sense? There are many ways to teach your viewers, but there's only 1 super effective way! 

#2 Use More Videos

It's no mystery that video is so much more effective than photos nowadays. It's faster, people don't have time to read blogs or long captions, & it's more interactive. In fact, it makes your audience feel like they're in the room with you & they love it. However, not just any video will do. People love to see HONEST review videos, unboxing videos, how to use videos, and behind the scenes of any product that you might be selling. Video is also so powerful & effective on all social media platforms! For example, YouTube, IGTV, Instagram LIVE, IG & FB Stories, Snapchat, Facebook, and even TikTok! With reach like this it's no wonder this is the most effective way of creating a buzz around the things you love. So, after making these videos, how can you turn them into dollars?


#3 Soft Sell

The first way is through soft sells. A soft sell is a promotion or person-to-person sales technique that is indirect. It may focus on building a reputation and relationship with customers. This is why it's so important to provide value (educate) and nurture your relationship with every customer. By treating each customer or client like a good friend you will craft an amazing experience for them & they will be a fan for life! 

#4 Hard Sell

The next way is through hard sells. hard sell is a direct approach to promotion and sales. It is characterized by aggressive sales pitches and repeated calls to action. Often times this can be very effective if your brand, product or service is very well known. However, if it's not, this technique can actually work against you.

Example; if you don't normally sell anything from social media but all of a sudden you start posting a bunch of photos & telling people to buy that may get tired of it & unfollow you. A more effective way is to communicate with them first, let them know you're trying something new & if they would like to try it for themselves they can click the link to purchase. Most people will respond in a more positive way. So, with this knowledge I leave you with 1 last tip.

#5 Always Ask For The SALE

Like I stated at the beginning, we are all busy & see so many posts a day we forget things easily. With that being said, tell the customer what you want them to do & don't be shy about it! Whether it be, Click the link in my bio, swipe up, follow this link, add to cart, or buy now, let them know what action to take next. Often times we need guidance as to what steps come next, & as a professional in your space you want to own that customer experience. 

If you got some value out of these tips, share them with another girl bo$$!

Tell us in the comments below; What content strategies work for your social media?

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I am in!!! Planning after lent to do YouTube so this helps a lot for strategies to get the new out there.

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