3 Toxic Myths You Believe About Social Media

3 Toxic Myths You Believe About Social Media


Hey there,

In today's blog, we'll cover the 3 toxic myths about social media that all beginners MUST break away from in order to achieve your social media goals.

Getting your mindset right is the #1 thing you have to conquer if you want to succeed on social media. As the popular saying goes, "You are your worst enemy and best asset" ;-)

From serving many influencers from all walks of life over the last 5 years, I can tell you that the best and most successful customers are those with the right mindset and attitude, who have the right beliefs about social media. 

It's myth-busters time, my friend! Time to re-align your perspectives and make things right :)

Myth #1: "You need to be active on all the social media platforms."

This is totally a myth that everyone believes!

Everyone believes this because some influencers talk about this & give misinformation to others.

The truth is, pick 3. Pick 3 social media platforms. In those 3 choose your #1.
So it could be; Instagram, YouTube, Blog (this is just an example).

If you don't narrow it down & pick 3 to focus on, you'll have 10 social media platforms & they will all be mediocre. Attention goes where energy flows. This means if you are attentive & consistent on the 3 platforms you choose they will grow. Focusing on too many social media accounts can be stressful & forgetful. So, choose your top 3 & start developing content right away!

Myth #2: "You can't really measure how successful social media is for your business"

This is SO not true.

This is only a myth because tracking your growth is tedious & no one wants to do it.
People generally have this misconception because they're lazy. Tracking & measuring your social media is so important for growth!

Social media is 100% trackable. By switching your personal account to a business account you will see profile analytics immediately. This helps you see follower growth, posts that get the most engagement, best times to post on your profile, what state your followers live & more!

Tracking & measuring your social media is KEY to a good growth strategy. Make sure if you're trying to grow you change your personal IG account into a business profile. Nothing will look different, you'll have analytics.

I have personally had customers that became influencers using this strategy & who still made it work, so I know that you can too!

Myth #3: "Everyone uses Facebook so your business should use it"

I can totally understand why someone would believe in this as I’ve been there myself, but I have seen time and again that brands or business make a Facebook page & do nothing with it!

Your business DOES NOT need a Facebook Page to get more clients or grow. Unless you'll be wanting to use Facebook to run ads.

It's kinda like; monkey see, monkey do. We all see businesses on Facebook & think we have to be just like them! But, like I said earlier JUST PICK 3. If Facebook is 1 of the 3 then do your thang. If not, you don't need it.

The truth is, you can get just as many clients, followers, etc on any social media platform. As long as you're consistent with quality posts. Don't follow everyone. Do you research & choose what's best for you & your business.

If you know your customer base is on IG, why would you make a Facebook Page?
Don't get distracted by the hearsay. Focus & Double down on what works for you!

Why is believing in these 3 myths problematic?

Because believing in these 3 myths will stop you from taking action the right action. Your confidence gets affected, you don't seek guidance, and subsequently, you don't transform your life or business as a result.

As someone who helps influencers for a living, I have seen breakthrough after breakthrough and I know that is not difficult to become an influencer, people just don't have the right guidance to succeed when it comes to social media.

Many people search for information online fruitlessly, and when that doesn't work, they give up. I don’t want you to give up because I can you can do this!

How else will there be millions of people becoming influencers if it was so hard? So they are all geniuses? No... they did it by focusing their attention, sticking with a platform, and through pure hard work!
So take heart. You can do this! Don't for a second doubt yourself.

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Thank you for this Blog. I was feeling the same sentiment as what you posted, but had nothing to back it up. I’m not a big FB person anyway and I’ve been hesitant about adding a business FB page for a variety of reasons. Also, not currently having much of a presence on social media, the thought of establishing a presence on various platforms is overwhelming and felt like a useless, or close to useless use of time.

Tonya White

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