2021 Instagram Growth Strategy (11 tips you can start using today)

2021 Instagram Growth Strategy (11 tips you can start using today)


You've landed on this page as you're looking to get the most out of your Instagram and you want to grow your following. I recently took an Instagram course which has given me the blueprint to being on my way to 100k followers for Socialite.

From that course, I've put the 12 tips that have had the biggest impact on my Instagram strategy of 2021.

There's one which is the MOST IMPORTANT and you'll find it in this blog post.

Instagram has gone through some big changes in the last 12 months, and that means we have to adapt. So, check out our latest strategies & techniques that we want to share with you. As well as show you how to apply these to your accounts for rapid growth!

#1 Instagram Removed Likes

This is had a huge effect on how we quantify success on the Instagram platform, because it use to be all about vanity metics (likes, etc). If you're not sure what "vanity metrics" are heres a little explanation.

Vanity metrics are things like registered users, downloads, and raw page views. They are easily manipulated, and do not necessarily correlate to the numbers that really matter: active users, engagement, the cost of getting new customers, and ultimately revenues and profits. The latter are more actionable metrics

Vanity metics don't really tell you much & it effects the overall quality, intention, and ethics of the Instagram platform.

#2 Reach

How much reach is your content getting? Because that tells you a lot about how much people are valuing your content. Also, the more reach you get the more you'll be able to grow your account. So, instead of focusing on things like likes, comments, be more focused on creating content that people want to share. Particularly be focused on getting people to share your posts in their stories! 


Reach = Total Number of people that have actually seen your content.

Pay attention on each individual post, which posts are getting saved the most, and which posts are getting shared the most, sent DM, or sent to people's stories, etc. Because, when you figure that out, you know what kind of content to create to get more shares & more shares get you more reach. And that is why this is the biggest metric to focus on in 2021.

#3 Content Choice

Are you making content that makes people want to come back for more? So, if you make a post in your feed, are people actually taking the time to look at it, read it, share it, etc. Some great things you can do to increase the content interaction is using Long Form Captions, and Swipe Posts. This increases interest because people are swiping all the way till the end and staying on your post for a longer period of time. This is another way Instagram values profiles. The more interest you get the more Instagram will boost your profile using its algorithm.

#4 Relationships

 Use your DMs & your comments!!! The more relationships you build the more authority you have inside of the Instagram algorithm as well. So, use your comments to engage with others in the platform & message people you can potentially collaborate with.


#5 Timeliness

Being intentional with your feed posts is very important. Don't post just to post. Also, if your content isn't strong, or quality don't post at all. The fact is, being more intentional with your content can really improved the engagement you get on each post. Put quality images up and put a lot into each image. Editing, caption, story, whatever it may be. Make sure it's a great post that people will want to engage with.

Pro Tip: Understand the times of day when your audience is online & most active so you can get interaction on your post. Since the feed on Instagram is based on timeliness you want to post when the majority of your followers are using the app.

#6 Shareable Posts 

By using content that's some what relatable you'll be able to get more shares. So for example if you post a lot of quotes about being an entrepreneur you'll want to share posts that aren't specific to your brand but generic to the public.

The one thing that makes people want to share your post is

a) seeing themselves in you

b) it's funny or entertaining

c) they feel some emotion from it

So, make sure you're being relatable or have an extreme lifestyle everyone wants.


IGTV is still pretty new & the best thing about it is sharing longer videos! In fact, it's still so new that Instagram gives IGTV a little boost in the explore page on Instagram. Use tutorial based content for these videos. Often times, it creates the most engagement & interest. Also, people tend to share IGTV more if they are educational & value based, so keep that in mind.

#8 Leverage Your Stories To Send Engagement To Your Posts 

Most people watch Instagram stories than they do scroll through the feed pages, let's be real. So, by sharing your posts in your stories you'll be able to get those viewers (followers or not) to go to your page & check out your post. This can increase likes, comments, shares, and overall interest in your feed, especially if someone watches your stories but doesn't follow you. 

#9 Giveaways

Get your followers involved! This is the perfect time to get your story viewers to follow you by incentivizing it. Encourage people to follow you and turn on post notifications & for doing so, reward them! It doesn't have to be huge, it can even be as simple as getting them a Starbucks gift card! However, by doing this you'll create a loyal following and an engaged audience!


#10 Feed

People are really craving relatable content, so give that to them. Capitalize on things that are happening the the moment, be sharing positive things, and realistic things. 

#11 Hashtags

Hashtags are super important for improving your reach. If you're not sure which hashtags are relevant to you, check out Flick.tech for all kinds of hashtags that could be relevant to your posts & profile. The way to use hashtags is think about the audience you want to find your content and hashtag what you think those types of people will be searching for!

#12 - The Most Important One - Providing Value

Yes, it is to provide more value!

By giving more value from my page, helping others, & genuinely caring I was able to build momentum, make real connections & hit my goal!
If you're not helping others, entertaining them, etc. What do they get out of following you? Nothing! So they will eventually unfollow you!
Here are some of the ways you can give value on Instagram
  1. Go LIVE & answer questions about your business or personal.
  2. Educate others on a subject you're passionate about or your business.
  3. Help others. Join a cause & use your voice.


What do you think about these tips? Are you currently using any of these? Leave us a comment down below!




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